Get in touch with an Android phone repair technician in Waterville, ME

Maybe your battery isn't holding a charge or your camera lens is cracked. Many phone retailers in Waterville, ME charge an arm and a leg for Android phone repair, but Cell Medic offers affordable services.

We charge a base rate of $25 per half-hour to replace...

  • Screens
  • Batteries
  • Camera lenses
  • Charging ports
Know upfront how much it'll cost to fix your device-call 207-692-0153 now to get a free Android phone repair estimate.

Does your screen look like a spiderweb?

Cell Medic specializes in Android screen repair. Since we carry replacement parts for most newer models, you won't have to wait around for us to order a new screen for your phone. We can also repair your device same-day.

Visit our electronics shop in Waterville, Maine today for speedy Android screen repair.