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Cell Medic has been a favorite iPhone repair shop in Waterville, ME for years. Our customers pick us over our competitors because we have...

Faster turnaround times: Feel free to stick around while our experienced technician replaces your screen, battery, charging port or camera lens.
More affordable rates: We charge $25 for a half-hour and $50 for an hour. We'd be happy to give you a free iPhone screen replacement estimate.
Better customer service: We'll go above and beyond to assist you.

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You hate leaving your phone at home for long periods of time. Why should you have to wait days for a repair technician to replace your phone screen? At Cell Medic, you won't have to. We provide same-day iPhone screen replacement services to Waterville, ME residents.

In just 20 minutes, your phone will look brand new. Visit Cell Medic today to speak with an iPhone repair technician.